Æ: Aglet Eaters

A Place To Bury Strangers – Sunbeam (2007)

Posted in Rediscover, Track by R on May 27, 2010


Sunlight filtering through rustling leaves. An intoxicated voice clumsily groping at a synthetic melody. Despite its slurred words (“schtrolling… schtruggling”), it remains unexpectedly bright eyed. The artificiality of the percussion is apparent, yet it is perfectly in harmony with your blood beats. Find a stray late afternoon ray of sunlight to park yourself in as you listen. Move if you feel like it – sway in a blur of narcotically swirling limbs. Or stay tranquilly immobile – feel it flow through veins and explode marvellously in the centre of your system. Become the song, because Sunbeam effortlessly turns into you.

Find It On: A Place to Bury Strangers (Bonus Track)

Photograph © Luc Viatour GFDL/CC

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