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Always Awake

Posted in Meta by R on November 29, 2010


It’s funny how once you realise you have readers – people who are not you and are reading your words – you start writing for them instead of yourself. This is dangerous because you are the most honest to none but yourself and therefore you should write for no one else. So I decided to pretend I don’t have readers and that’s why I’ve been away for so long.

No, that’s not really why.

The real reason is I am a full time research student with a part time job and little time to blog because of these more pressing commitments. Nonetheless I have not forgotten my roots or my one true love (Le Gaze, obvs) and I’m positive I don’t need to prove I am perpetually plugged in to endless reams of noise. Some of it is gauzy (oh, a pun!), some of it is jagged, some of it is flossy and some of it is charred, but it is always, always wonderful.

Since this is the longest I’ve ever been absent I thought I’d let you know what was up and reassure you that irregular programming will – well, not resume – but never cease.

And indeed it cannot, for if it did, I would be wracked with guilt at how many people, songs and albums I owe reviews – whether they’ve offered me their works or not, whether they were released this year or not, whether it’s an album, a song, or a band, as long as they fit the shoegaze mould, there’s no distinction, really.

I’m not sure I’ll be doing an end of year list, though since this would imply listening to everything gaze that’s been released this  year and while I can certainly do THAT, what I can’t do is RANK the things. No, sorry, love the stuff too much to statisticise it.

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