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One Hell Of A Holiday

Posted in Meta by R on June 6, 2011

O gawd, it looks like we pissed off the MBVs something serious.

Um, sorry. We’re back now – or at least I am. Talha’s off making music somewhere and we both must have been genuinely busy if neither of us got around to plugging his band’s EP on here. So fear not if you are indignant about the lack of communication on our behalf: we ignore everyone equally. At least one of us is from a democracy.

Anyway, I have decided to amend matters by lining up a couple of interviews. If Sway‘s Andrew forgives my half-year delay in getting back to him that the story behind This Was Tomorrow will be the next thing you see.

Also – oh look, Talha’s band //orangenoise has an EP called //veracious, you should try it because there isn’t anything more indie than shoegaze from Karachi.

Heh. I made a gazepun. Heh.

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