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St. Marie Records Rampage: bloody knives

Posted in Feature by R on May 23, 2012

Oh, St. Marie Records, your timing is impeccable. For those of you who were following XD Records while they were around, you probably know bloody knives from their time on the label. XD Records were as discerning as St. Marie Records are, so it’s no surprise that when the former folded, the latter came along and whipped up bloody knives before they could even hit the floor.

I know this sort of thing goes without saying, but bear with me. I am totes a bloody knifer. They make My Kind Of Music (M-KOM) – or one of My Kind of Musics. I don’t have many M-KOMs, but I love each one passionately enough to be convinced that there is no other M-KOM. Until one of the other M-KOMs shows up and again I pledge my undying allegiance etc. etc. But in all fairness there are only, like, three (3) that I cycle through.

If I’m not terribly wrong, their full-length blood is their first release on SMR. It’s not unlike their previous releases at all which is great because if it was it wouldn’t be M-KOM anymore. They call this kind of sound ‘industrial’ and they also call it ‘pop’ in the same breath. In addition, you’ll find tracks dappled with 8-bitty beepyboopies. Me, I love it because it’s NOISE! I love the lazy CBF vocals, I love how the synth tramples all over them – easily, because they’re obviously not going to put up a fight, and I love the how the percussion acts as the gruff sidekick to the hulking bully synths, poking its out from behind them just to make its presence felt. Far be it for me to support aggressive schoolyard behaviour but you know what they say about your first taste of blood (bad puns R us).

blood comes out today and you can pick it up from the SMR store. If you’d like to taste it before you buy it, you can do that over on SMR’s bandcamp. Also, do appreciate how consistently I maintain the desired lowercase letters across band name, album titles, and tracks. Makes it a bit difficult to pick out the proper nouns in a pile of text such as this, but maybe it’ll teach you to read more carefully.

Clench your jaw, grind your teeth, narrow your eyes and turn on bloody knives. This is what’s known as a best practice.

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