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St. Marie Records Rampage: The Spiracles

Posted in Feature by R on June 3, 2012

You know, I keep wondering if this should be called St. Marie Record Rampage, but that title throws me off, because the Proper Noun is plural, but with ‘rampage’ you should use the singular, so I am a bit befuddled and you are all just going to have to put up with the slightly shaky on the ears plural form.

Today I’m listening to the Spiracles. Do you remember Resplandor from a few years ago? Peruvian shoegazers caused quite a ruckus in their time with Pleamar which is now a classic in Gaze 2.0 circles. Any aglet-eater worth his or her salt had Resplandor on their Dream Lineup (together with the likes of Malory, Ariel, Highspire et al).

I’m not sure why I’m referring to Resplandor in the past tense. It may be because Luis Rodriguez, guitarist and songwriter for the band, is one of the two Spiracles I’m talking about. Don’t expect the breathy vox off Pleamar, because we’ve got Aracelli Fernandez doing the singing here. ‘Fireflies’ is the song to watch out for. They may have experience, yes, but for all practical purposes, The Spiracles are a new band, yet ‘Fireflies’ is overwhelmingly well-produced. I daresay, it’s so professionally presented its virtually pop music. There is nothing rough or jagged about it. It’s crisp, sleek and even has an expert video to match. The Spiracles have also gone and done the world a favour by reminding them ofThe Field Mice via their, admittedly a bit safe, version of ‘The End of the Affair.’

The EP  you’re meant to pick up has the tongue twisting title How Things Went Well When I Met You. Listen to these two tracks, a third called ‘Mercy’, and two mixes of ‘Fireflies’ (told you it was popular). If you are so intrigued or inclined, the St. Marie Records bandcamp page is the place to be.

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