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St. Marie Records Rampage: Drowner

Posted in Feature by R on July 3, 2012

The last of the Rampages! The Grand Finahlay as you non-francophones might call it.

However, I’ll have you know Anna Bouchard of Drowner IS a francophone. Something I discovered quite unexpectedly on twitter while I was subjecting my poor, unsuspecting followers to a barrage of pidgin French transmissions in the interest of ‘practice’. Sometimes I wonder how many twitterers are dejectedly shaking their heads at me and my simplistic French phrases. I don’t think Anna is one of them. In fact, she helped me settle on ‘tous les jours’ instead of ‘toujours’ for ‘everyday’ and then even understood the questions I asked her immediately after.

I interviewed Darren and Anna almost exactly a year ago. At the time I was introduced to the band as a two-piece consisting of Darren and Anna. When I spoke to Anna about this feature she spilled the beans (were they not meant to be spilled?) and revealed that six people constituted Drowner. I visit their tumblr and the number there stands at three. The Twitter bio says four. Since the only number between two and six that hasn’t shown up is  five, I’m going to assume that is how big Drowner really is.

At the time of the interview I also made the observation that Drowner sound a lot bigger than you expect them to considering they’re just two people. If there ARE, in fact, five (or six), then I’d like to amend that statement to say they actually sound a lot lighter than the cacophony that I’d re-conditioned myself to expect. I don’t know why I thought that more people would mean more noise. And sure, there is noise, but it’s understated and Anna’s voice usually winds up on top – it’s like a blade it just cuts through the sounds beneath it. It’s not the cloudy voice – the kind so suited for sparkly music. And it’s (obviously) not a baritone, the likes of which would blend with the bassline on a rigid post-punk inspired track. It’s confident and sits solidly, visible on the sonic cushion beneath it.

The EP they released last year is now a full-length with the same name, the same art, but two fewer letter (E and P). You can listen to it on Bandcamp.

And with that, I’m going to wrap up the SMR Rampage. You know, if I was a normal person I would have wrapped this up in a week (7 posts, innit?), instead of two months.

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