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Interactions in Installments: Echodrone Part 3

Posted in Discover by R on September 4, 2012

There comes a point in every I-i-I where Æ, having established a rapport with the hapless interviewee, feels brave enough to move on to more personal subject. Such as… what is your cat’s name?

I didn’t ask that this time – I had another invasive question for Eugene, Brandon, Meredith and Mark. Apart from the standard query viz. – who are you?

You’ll be surprised.

Brandon: I’m a librarian at a California State University. I’m married with 4 cats (so, a pro-level cat lover). Besides music, my hobbies are MMOs and reading baseball and punk/postpunk music history books.

Meredith: I go to medical school so I’m in Oregon right now and spend all day at the hospital. I don’t know anyone in town so i’m just the new kid on the block–working hard during the day running around, trying to somewhat look like I know what I’m doing. There’s been some comedic mishaps; it’s a very humbling experience. I miss my chihuahua–I left her with my mom in California. I miss my band—they’re scattered everywhere. My life is good–but in constant flux.

Mark: I live and breathe music right now. I am working as a freelance audio engineer and also play in some other bands that allow me to keep my musical muscles in shape so when Echodrone gets together I’m not completely pathetic in terms of musicality. I have had to do corporate work and stuff in the past but currently I consider myself very lucky to be able to survive solely on music while living in sunny California which is not a bad life at all.

Eugene: I’m currently attending pharmacy school in Baltimore, Maryland. It’s my last year now, so I’ll be joining the working world soon enough. I recently got engaged to a wonderful girl I met in pharmacy school and we’re getting married in December! So, basically my life now consists of studying, songwriting, and wedding planning. I have two crazy cats that get in fights all the time and eat my scrambled eggs when I’m not looking. My family is spread all over the U.S. – my mom lives in California and my sister lives in Austin with her husband. Besides music, I enjoy traveling, reading, stock trading/economics (weird, eh?), video games, and movies. My favorite directors are Dario Argento, David Cronenberg, and Lynch.

Æ[No I-i-I is complete without a single innocuous question that we can get all judgmental over. Favourite alcoholic beverage.]

Brandon: A toss between a cuba libre and a vodka and sugar-free red bull 🙂

Meredith: Craft beers for just hanging out. Whiskey on the rocks or a 7&7 if I’m out seeing a band play.

Mark: Love Beer! Especially the good stuff! Oh and I love the whiskey too…Bullet and Four Rose’s Single Barrel…Hooooooooooo!

Eugene: I’m always down for a good bourbon neat. Someone recently introduced me to Old Weller Antique, and I’m a huge fan now! Oh, and I remember having lots of vodka/red bull with Brandon during the early days of Echodrone.

Æ[No G & T?]

You can give Bon Voyage a listen, and buy it if you dig it. Below you’ll find a classic Echodrone track – because you know I’m perpetually stuck in the past.

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