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Broken tools and bent nails: why Nothing matters

Posted in Feature, Question Mark by R on April 19, 2016

Maybe the reason we’re so drawn to Nothing is that, like us, they don’t preach happy endings.

Maybe it’s because, like us, they don’t encourage a life of success driven by misattributed quotations.

Maybe it’s because they make it OK to be average.
And to give up.
To live a life of quiet mediocrity.
To fail and to stay failed.
To let go.

I’m built to bleed
Plan my ruin guiltlessly
Another John who’s lost his head
I’m a bent nail
You’ve got no use for me
A monster for eternity


Maybe it’s because they confirm what you’ve always suspected.
That it’s not going to get better.

And I hate
Everything you’re saying.
Watch out for those
Who dare to say
That everything
Will be OK.


They validate our solitude.
And the outliers among us.
Our obligation to exist.
To wait.
And to vanish.

Outside the door the world’s alive.
I’ll stay and hide on the other side.


See also: Built to Bleed

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  1. Jim Payne said, on May 7, 2016 at 6:59 pm

    Yes. Completely and so beautifully, yes.

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