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Broken tools and bent nails: why Nothing matters

Posted in Feature, Question Mark by R on April 19, 2016

Maybe the reason we’re so drawn to Nothing is that, like us, they don’t preach happy endings.

Maybe it’s because, like us, they don’t encourage a life of success driven by misattributed quotations.

Maybe it’s because they make it OK to be average.
And to give up.
To live a life of quiet mediocrity.
To fail and to stay failed.
To let go.

I’m built to bleed
Plan my ruin guiltlessly
Another John who’s lost his head
I’m a bent nail
You’ve got no use for me
A monster for eternity


Maybe it’s because they confirm what you’ve always suspected.
That it’s not going to get better.

And I hate
Everything you’re saying.
Watch out for those
Who dare to say
That everything
Will be OK.


They validate our solitude.
And the outliers among us.
Our obligation to exist.
To wait.
And to vanish.

Outside the door the world’s alive.
I’ll stay and hide on the other side.


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Which LSD and the Search for God album is right for you? An interactive guide

Posted in Feature, Question Mark by R on February 13, 2016


It’s been 9 long years since LSD and the Search for God blessed us with their distortion soaked self-titled EP and a lot has changed in the interim. Heaven is a Place with its steady walls of psychedelia in lieu of fluid curtains of reverb is the mark of a band that has truly evolved. Adapted. Matured. Grown up. it is the mark of a band that has recently recruited a Brian Jonestown Massacre member (hello, Ricky Maymi!).

Between the shoegaze-by-numbers self-titled and the swirl-heavy Heaven is a Place, we have two wildly disparate EPs before us. How do we know which one is best-suited to each of our unique, inimitable personalities?

I daresay we have found ourselves in the midst of a most egregious dilemma.

Fortunately, I have dedicated the last two weeks to intimately acquainting myself with both these records by playing them at very high volumes very late into the night and I believe I am now qualified to create and share an interactive guide that will solve all of our problems and assuage all of our fears.

Here’s the official guide to figuring out which LSD and the Search for God album is right for you:

LSD Guide


Mostly column 1: You’re a cynical bastard (that’s Diogenes in the picture) who smokes up to cool down, prefers listening to bands that make a lot of noise before anyone knows who they are but drops them the moment they go mainstream, i.e. someone apart from you knows them.

LSD and the Search for God’s self-titled EP is the album for you.

Your life in a lyric: Be careful what you wish for/Because it might come true (Starting Over)

Mostly column 2: You’re one of those irritating existential types who relies on psychedelics to distract you from your own impending mortality. You listen to a band’s later albums first, but assure everyone you knew who they were before they became who they are.

Heaven is a Place is the album for you.

Your life in a lyric: One thing I know/I’m gonna die (Without You)

Do the options in both columns look equally tempting? Dear god, you must be insufferable in person. Let’s be BFFs! Get your LSD and the Search for God goods here and we can be pricks – with unmatchable taste in music – together for all eternity.


Posted in Meta, Question Mark by R on January 20, 2015

28 revolutions around the sun.

Somewhere in a philosophical text is written something about the persistence of the soul beyond its material confines.
(No doubt an ancient parallel to the law of conservation of matter.)

One day I will have lived through my last birthday.

But I will persist in this:

Blind Mr. Jones

Posted in Question Mark by R on August 20, 2010

“Oh it’s another mess of a day

I’m lifeless and I’m sick and tired of what you’ve got to say”

Blind Mr. Jones – the shoegazers’ favourite obscure band. Obscure only because no one’s heard a peep out of them or about them since about 1994 when they vanished sans trace after releasing one of my favourite Classic Shoegaze albums – a gem called Tatooine.

“oh it’s another waste of a day.

I’m listless and I’m so, so bored of what you’ve got to say.”

Tatooine which had on it an arrestingly beautiful song called ‘Hey’ which was the song that had me captivated the first time I heard it.

“Hey, ey”

Do you think they know how much they’re loved? Do you think they know how much we miss them? Do you think if we scattered Tatooine-striped milk cartons across the United Kingdom they might chance upon one, decide to log on to Facebook, do a vanity search, find their fan page and post a message on the wall saying ‘hey, sup, so we found this milk carton…’?

Because if there’s any chance of that happening, I think we should do it.

I hope they’re still around, I hope they’re alive and well, and I hope they know they’re adored.


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