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Blind Mr. Jones

Posted in Question Mark by R on August 20, 2010

“Oh it’s another mess of a day

I’m lifeless and I’m sick and tired of what you’ve got to say”

Blind Mr. Jones – the shoegazers’ favourite obscure band. Obscure only because no one’s heard a peep out of them or about them since about 1994 when they vanished sans trace after releasing one of my favourite Classic Shoegaze albums – a gem called Tatooine.

“oh it’s another waste of a day.

I’m listless and I’m so, so bored of what you’ve got to say.”

Tatooine which had on it an arrestingly beautiful song called ‘Hey’ which was the song that had me captivated the first time I heard it.

“Hey, ey”

Do you think they know how much they’re loved? Do you think they know how much we miss them? Do you think if we scattered Tatooine-striped milk cartons across the United Kingdom they might chance upon one, decide to log on to Facebook, do a vanity search, find their fan page and post a message on the wall saying ‘hey, sup, so we found this milk carton…’?

Because if there’s any chance of that happening, I think we should do it.

I hope they’re still around, I hope they’re alive and well, and I hope they know they’re adored.


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